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$10,000 in Ten Days!

We’re being challenged to make 10,000 in TEN DAYS by Hello7co, but I KNOW we can do it.

We’re a minority-owned online tea company that offers organic loose leaf tea. Our international tea has been voted BEST across the country, so now we’re expanding, but we NEED YOUR SUPPORT. We’re taking on the challenge because it will allow us to pay off business debts and expand our overall mission.

We’re looking to hire a part-time admin, update our website, add more tea selections and training, but we need you! There are over 9 million people unemployed in the US, so by supporting our efforts to grow you are essentially helping us put America back together (one person at a time), and we're able to offer a part-time livable wage ($20) a minimum. I Don't Drink Tea:

So you don't drink tea? That is ok, you can always donate to someone, as we're happy to ship directly to them. Do you have a customer you want to WOW? We have an awesome WOW program where we will ship a canister to your customer on behalf of your business.

Next Steps: Click the link in the bio or visit www.Tea.Forsale to order a sample tea kit ($12.99). We need 700 people in order to hit our goal (the extra money will pay for the merchant fees).


www.Tea.Forsale LETS GO!

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